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About Me

Hey there beautiful woman! Want to know what I believe?

I believe every woman deserves to know and feel that she truly matters and that she is here right now to experience the fullest, truest expression of herself

Do you feel completely caught up in the ‘rat race’? Constantly being bombarded with messages of who it is acceptable for you to be in this world and (unsurprisingly!) right now you feel a little lost from your our own path.

In today’s world we lean into what we think society’s standards set for us and we forget who we came here to be. We hide behind a daily playlist of limiting beliefs, feeling that we are not enough, that we need to push harder, achieve more, settle for less than earth shattering relationships and people please our way through life.

Like you, I lost myself in a world that brought me up to tick all the boxes...

Pass education - Check

Find a job - Check

Receive promotion - Check

Find a man - Check

Buy a house - Check

Have … Do… Be… The list goes on

I played the good girl routine, worked hard to fit myself into office jobs and work my way up the ladder, to receive promotions, pay rises, to own a house, and although on the outside I had a pretty perfect life this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Growing up I was not one of those kids that knew what I wanted to do so I would jump from one idea quicker than you can say ‘When I grow up’. I’d go from lawyer to deep sea diving photographer, to West End actress, Truck Driver and everything in-between. I was completely clueless.


My relationship with money was all over the place. One moment I would be saving money like nobodies business.  Then the next it would slip through my fingers faster than I could make it. 


I entered into and stayed in relationships that didn’t serve me. Or the other person for that matter. I spent years feeling lost and alone, in codependent relationships, becoming a pro at hiding my reality from the world around me. The reality was that I felt more disconnected than ever, I had no idea who I was, but the one thing I could do through all of this? Somehow show up and ‘function’ like a normal person. I was probably more like a robot if I’m really honest with myself. This is just something I have never had a problem with because I mastered the art of showing up and been able to just keep going. How British of me! 

If you’re here I’m sure you feel this pain too. But for the first time in my life I was worn out, If this was just how ‘life’ is, I was done. I even remember hoping, praying that a zombie apocalypse would take place just so I didn’t have to live the reality I was in! This was on multiple occasions too, not just one. Desperate measures!

The running theme for me was a deep belief that I was not good enough. It took me 25 years to solidify this reality, to learn and embed these beliefs and patterns. So I knew it would take time to heal and daily work to dig deep and release myself from the fear that I was not good enough. I knew this was the one thing I had. If I had made it this far, what was some more time. I decided it was time to save myself and commit to my journey. My mantra became ‘I am working on myself, for myself, by myself’.

The biggest and probably most life changing thing I learnt up to this point was that it was all well and good blaming other people for where I was. It also felt kinda good to do that sometimes. But things only shifted when I altered my perspective and stopped blaming others and started taking responsibility for my part in this journey and honouring that I was doing the best I could and knew in every moment, and to honour that this must be the same for the people in my life. It was hard to accept but it wasn’t all about me. Queue journey of taking radical responsibility for myself. Trying everything and anything to massively up level myself. This I knew, was the only way.

It is ok to not be sure what lights you up, and to be in a space right now that no longer serves you but it sure as hell is your responsibility should you choose to accept it to light up your life. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

It Is My Mission

To help women fall in love with themselves again. To stop apologizing for who they are, to reconnect with their dreamsrediscover and allow their inner confidence to come to light, and of course! Feel worthy of deep soulful connection.

Do you ever feel totally out of alignment with your core?

You think, how did I get here?

Who am I anymore?

You hide your true feelings from the people you love the most?

Or perhaps you’re actually down right bored of the ‘story’ of your life and want to rewrite the storyline starting today?

You attract people into your life who take full advantage of your caring nature?

You find yourself constantly apologising and mindlessly putting yourself down

You bend over backwards to fit yourself into a mould that you think will please everyone else. But really it feels uncomfortable, false and frankly is slowly sucking your soul dry right in front of you?

You find it hard to stand in front of the mirror and see yourself as the kickass woman you know you are and want to connect with?

You want to feel free of self judgment?

To trust and reconnect with your partner. You're over having surface level relationships and you’re ready to call in deep soulful connection?

To reignite the passion and intimacy in your relationship?

To feel connected to yourself, worthy, secure?

You’re ready to rediscover your true inner confidence and communicate who you are, what you desire and enjoy life!?

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