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Life's New Chapter... Part 1

And so it is… New Chapter Part 1 begins... Now!

Excited and shit scared, today I step into the next version of myself, towards the vision I have for my future. It’s funny how time flies, as I’d imagined this would have happened a long time ago or unfolded in a different version of events... But even still I can’t be anything but proud that I have finally gone and made a huge leap off the edge of security.

With this leap I am planning to bring some  BIG THINGS TO LIFE and weave in the expansion that’s bubbling through my veins. WATCH THIS SPACE!

The story that held me back for so long is that I’m not good enough and that putting my own creations out into the world will never have a chance of taking off. Or, this is a good one that has really worked its way under my skin, why do you want more, when you have everything you need right here? Can you relate? We make these thoughts and feelings seem so real. We give them a life when in reality they are just an illusion, a safety net. Past the safety net is the unknown, an expanse of space and we can’t make anything out so we feel a heaviness when we think about it. A moment of oh my gosh … would be a dream! How cool if I could just …! And then swiftly we shut it down again.

If you’d have told me that I’d be giving up a piece of my security to pursue something that brings me SO much joy and excites the heck out of me I would have said yeah maybe one day and then I would have put that dream back into her box. BUT here I am letting that dream take pride and place. I’m past the safety net and let me tell you it doesn’t feel heavy like I thought it would. It feels light and expansive. It feels huge and a little overwhelming but I’m here and I’m working with that.

One thing I know in this moment and that I have seen time and time again with other people is that the ‘doing’ is actually way less heavy than we think it will be. It’s the energy that comes before that. The thought of change, of allowing ourselves to try. The story we create and let shapeshift until it feels out of control in our mind. Something I am now experiencing for myself.

What is the thing that you dream of for ‘one day’? What comes up over and over again for you but you keep it for safekeeping?

If it was your reality and you gave it life tell me, what one word would describe making one day today for you? Let me know in the comments below!!

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