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Why Confidence and Connection?

For my first post I shall pull confidence and connection from this hat! Now although this is impossible and I can't do that, creating confidence and connection in your life is just like magic. The magic is that you can choose to create more of it anytime, anywhere. How awesome is that?

Real talk. I have not always been confident, nor have I always felt incredibly connected to myself, my path or in my relationships. If you've read my about me section you'll know that already though. The truth is choosing again was an incredibly hard decision for me and it hasn't always been a smooth ride. I imagine your feeling the same right? That you won't ever connect to your most confidence self? That being confident just isn't something you will have this lifetime?

My first ever coach explained it to me like this. It's like getting out of a bath that's starting to get cold. You don't want to get out because then you're going to get really cold. You're kinda comfortable in all the bubbles but you know if you stay, the water is going to just keep getting colder! Brggghhhh!

The hardest bit, getting out of the bath.

This is why I wanted to created the Confidence and Connection Coaching Series. So women like you can get out of that cold bath, recreate your own story, transform your confidence and feel worthy of deep soulful connection.

Feeling connected.

In touch with your emotions.

Creating a life you love.

Allowing yourself to be free so that you can step into your power as a woman.

Deepening your relationships. Superficial, surface level shit... Ciao!

Developing a new sense of connection within.

Showing up as your most confident self.

Choosing to leave behind self judgment and love yourself unconditionally.

So with this in mind, can you think of a better way to be living than as you're most confident and connected self?

Until next time beautiful one.


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