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The Confidence and Connection Coaching Series

Reconnect with your true inner confidence and feel worthy of deep soulful connection

I support women to

  • Unlock old limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their relationships

  • Reconnect with their spirit and feel deep connection and confidence within themselves

  • See themselves as their best self

  • Set loving and healthy boundaries

  • Open up to deep soulful connection to others and life 

  • Do the inner work that allows them to feel enough, what a feeling! 


Let me guess you have been told you’re too emotional, too needy... Just a bit too much, can you tone it down a bit?

Over time you have dimmed your light, your personality and your opinions to fit in with what is ‘socially’ acceptable or for someone else other than you. You have retreated and this has become your norm. 

It feels constricting though right? 

Overtime something feels like it is missing and it is! YOU! You are missing! 


When we don’t allow ourselves to be ourselves, we start to push down our natural emotions, we shut them off from the world. Sorry to break this to you but… those emotions you are stuffing to the depths of your heart, they will be popping back up! Annnnnd probably at the most inappropriate time, of course! Just for fun.

Something magical happens though. When we give ourselves permission to be whole. To allow ourselves to be seen. Not to judge ourselves. We reignite the spark within us and start to experience life and our relationships on a whole other level. 

I am here to 

  • Walk alongside you in your journey to your next level 

  • Honour you in your growth and be there with you as you start to re-write your story

  • Allow you the space to focus on your hearts dreams and desires 

  • Let you know that love and deep soulful connection is available to you

  • You SO are ready gorgeous! How do I know? Well, you’re right here, right now. This is your moment. What are you waiting for?


Qualifying with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy as a life coach, I now support women just like you on your journey of self discovery, reigniting your spark and manifesting the life of your desires. I am here to help you rediscover your inner confidence and feel worthy of deep soulful connection so that you can show up fully and attract everything you desire in both your life and relationships.

My intuitive coaching style is for you!

  • if you’re ready to rediscover your inner confidence and feel worthy of deep soulful connection so that you can show up fully and attract everything you desire in both your life and relationships.

  • if you have you been thinking, for what seems like forever, that there’s more to life than you’re current reality? That you want and are ready for more?

  • if you carry old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and maybe even sabotage your current relationships?

  • if you’ve tried again and again to ‘find yourself’ but she’s just out of reach?

  • if you’re totally over, showing up as less than your most vibrant self. You’re ready for deep soulful connection in every area of your life. So ready.

I know how you feel right now. Unsure of your place in this world, disconnected from your dreams and desires. Calling in relationships again and again that make you feel small and you want more!


You’re in EXACTLY the right place if you’re ready to

  • Rediscover what confidence means to you as well as reigniting your inner goddess

  • Reconnect with your truth and understand what is it that you truly lights you up in your life and relationships

  • Deepen your existing relationships so that you can experience connection you didn’t even know was possible

  • Communicate your hopes, dreams and desires like a boss

  • Embrace ALL of you. That’s your light AND shadow side. Truth bomb! We don’t have to be afraid of our shadow side. She’s a babe when you get to know her!

  • Know your worth in the world

  • Do the work to understand and unlock old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

It is my mission to take you even further than you see possible right now. Bursting with confidence, deeply in love and connected to the person you’ve been waiting for all along, beautiful you!

Click here to book your free discovery call now!

Why work with me?

My journey really set the wheels in motion for the life I have created today. My transformation took me from feeling like I didn’t matter, that life was a series of tick boxes. Feeling jealous every time a friend got engaged, pregnant, and then feeling guilty that a small part of me wasn’t happy for them. I would see everyone else's life as perfect, that they had it together, or so I thought. In my mind I was a failure when I compared myself. I attracted codependent relationships that couldn’t have been worse for my self esteem, my creativity or my overall health. After years of accepting this as how my life would be, I realized I could change everything and in doing just that that I could also inspire and help other people too!

Fast forward to today where I now find myself in the most divine relationship I have ever experienced, not only to my partner but feeling the most connected I have ever been to myself, my emotions and life. As a dedicated life learner, truth seeker and explorer I allow myself permission to go deep and trust my intuition so that I can help you to connect with your inner self too.

The Juicy Bit!


What’s included in the 3 month 1:1 Confidence and Connection Coaching Series

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to help me really get to know you and what you’re hoping to achieve from our time together. 

  • A 30 minute complimentary discovery call to start peeling back the layers of what a coaching series could look like and the most important areas of your life you want to lovingly focus on. AND to see if we’re the perfect match for coaching of course!. 

  • 1 X 60 minute goal setting session (Via Zoom or Phone Call) where we will dive even deeper into your questionnaire and create epic heartfelt goals that are going to be key to your transformation.

  • 5 X 60 minute coaching sessions (Via  Zoom / Phone Call) every 2 weeks over a 3 month period. Where you will set beautiful actions that will keep you connected to uplevelling your confidence and the connection in your life. 

  • Unlimited support between sessions via email and voxer


Your investment in my 1:1 personalised Confidence and Connection Coaching Series usually £535 upfront or in 3 instalments of £179



You are the perfect coaching client for me if

  • You’re living someone else's dream or conforming to what society deems ‘normal’ and actually you think this is complete BS - let’s start by getting honest and saying it how it is shall we.

  • You’ve been diving into all the self love tools you can find but something is just not resonating with you.

  • You know it’s your time to release old limiting beliefs and reignite your fire for life!

  • People pleasing your way through life just isn’t cutting it anymore and you want to set boundaries with love that honor your worth so that you can show up as your most radiant self.  

  • Your ready to start attracting everything you desire and experience deep soulful connection in your life and relationships.

  •  You're ready to step into your most confident and connected self!

No one is for everyone. With love, we’re not a perfect match right now if:

  • You’re not ready to allow yourself the time and love it takes to commit to a journey of upleveling your confidence and connection

  • You’re easily irritated by seriously positive people. I will be showing up as my most confident and connected self to our sessions and appreciate that my style is not for everyone.

Think you’re not worth it? You so are. I totally understand that now might not be the perfect time for you to take up the Confidence and Connection Coaching Series, I really do, but I want you to know that you don’t have to be anything or anyone more that you are right now to be truly worthy and benefit from putting yourself first.

So I have one more question for you. Are you ready to begin your journey towards being your most confident and connected bad-ass self!


Hell yes!? I knew that’s what you’d say.

I cannot wait to help you reconnect with your true inner confidence and to feel worthy of deep soulful connection!

Click here to book your free discovery call now!
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