A reclamation for your soul.

Permission to be your fullest self and awaken to you.

Be your own divine intervention, meet your fullest, most joyful self and live life feeling deeply connected and utterly in love with yourself by reclaiming your spirit.

The 1:1 portal of transformation that you've been waiting for!

Let me guess, the number one question you ask yourself daily is who am I?


You have a niggle in your heart that tells you, you're meant for more than waking up every day and 'going through the motions that you just can't shift?


Ticking boxes to conform to what you think you 'should' do in life doesn't light you up one bit and there is a part of you that you keep hidden from the world?


You have a yearing to experience pure joy, complete self acceptance and deep love for yourself?


You're ready to feel like you're REALLY living life?


Well beautiful soul! Today is the day that will change life going forward FOREVER!

Get ready to uplevel like never before

In your three month jounrey you will feel heard like never before, recconecting you with your emotional power and awakenening your truest, fullest expression of who you came to this earth to be.


With 1:1 access to me, meeting every two weeks to powerfully dive into where you are, support between sessions via voxer, and the opportunity to experience some of the tools that have helped me most on my journey that are going to take you to the next level on your journey.


By reclaiming your spirit you will:

Be your own divine intervention by powerfully connecting to the journey that has lead you here. Tap into your desires and set beautiful goals that will carry you through your journey of expansion.


Let yourself shine, experience transformational self love, acceptance and get ready to uncover who YOU truly are. Go within, reignite your soul and allow yourself to really shine!

Finally give yourself permission to be - It's all yours by connecting with what lights you up so that you can embrace who you came to this earth to be. Tap into how you can let go of expectations we all face from others and the world around us.

Uncover ultimate connection. Life begins to show up for us the moment we begin to show up for ourselves. Reignite your connection to yourself and ALL the juiciness life has to offer! Nourish your spirit and allow divine synchronicities to come into your life.

Reclaim your spirit! You've been told what you 'should' do over and over again. But what if something else were true for you? Become who you came to this earth to be and reclaim your spirit baby!

Awaken to the  incredible woman you are. You deserved to be lavished in acknowledged for your success so that you can you can luxuriate in your success.

This is the journey for the woman who:

  • Is wrapped in an identity she doesn't recognise or connect with but doesn't know how to emotionally support herself in reconnecting with her fullest, truest self

  • Has a life that from the outside looks 'perfect' but under the surface she feels stuck in the rut of daily grind and same old same old feels

  • Craves to feel heard

  • Wants to take off the badge of honour she wears as she strives to finish all the 'shoulds' in her day and life to prove her worth

  • Has moulded her life around 'ticking off'' her achievments against someone else's definition of success

  • Will people please to her hearts content but this is leaving her feeling caged and unfulfilled. She's ready to break that pattern

  • Is TOTALLY ready to untame herself, move past her comfort zone, say YES to herself, reignite her spirit and RECLAIM HER SPIRIT

Meet your coach


Hey! I'm Elaine and just like you I became very well aquainted with the questions "Who on earth am I", "Someone tell me what I did in a previous life to feel so utterly lost and confused!" and "When will I know what I want to do with my life...?"

I created Reclaim Your Spirit, a soul led coaching space that allows you to feel truly heard. Somewhere you can talk about the things you crave to talk to your girlfriends about but you're scared they won't 'get it'.

This, beautiful woman is a journey that where you get to expand like NEVER before!


For the last five years I have dedicated myself to my own personal and spiritual development so that I can blend the most powerful techniques and practices to support you on your journey too! The most powerful thing that I learn't was that I didn't have to do this alone, that there was a space for me to be myself in this world. I'm not saying it was a journey of sunshine and rainbows, it has been real and raw. Was it worth it? Abso-freaking-lutley. And now I am on a mission to recconect women just like you to their most joyful life.


It's possible I promise you!

After embracing this journey you will...

  • Feel deeply connected to YOURSELF AND your DESIRES (no more faffing around figuring out who you are)

  • Feel more curious about life AND able to question what is true for you

  • Have the know how to put yourself first AND be there for the ones you love

  • Understand what it is that LIGHTS YOU UP AND connect to your courage to bring this into your life (Hint: sometime's you've gotta go past your cushy comfort zone, no matter how soft her throws are or how coumfy the pillows feel)

  • Have created intentional practices that allow you to return to YOU at any time AND have on-point self awareness that supports you in the moments you need it most

  • Feel at home wherever you go AND wherever life is destined to take you! 

Your Investment

Included in your personalised 3 month 1:1 Reclaim Your Spirit journey:

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to help me really get to know you and what you’re hoping to achieve from our time together. 

  • A 30 minute complimentary connection call to start peeling back the layers of what a coaching series could look like and the most important areas of your life you want to lovingly focus on. AND to see if we’re the perfect match for coaching of course!. 

  • 1 X 60 minute goal setting session (Via Zoom or Phone Call) where we will dive even deeper into your questionnaire and create epic heartfelt goals that are going to be key to your transformation.

  • 5 X 60 minute coaching sessions (Via  Zoom / Phone Call) every 2 weeks over 3 months. Where you will set beautiful actions that will keep you connected to your uplevelling! 

  • Unlimited support between sessions via voxer


Your investment in the journey to Reclaim Your Spirit is £635 in full - Payment Plans Available

If you're ready to RECLAIM YOUR SPIRIT

Book your free connection call to see if we're a perfect match!

And remember, now is your time to rediscover your true inner confidence and feel worthy of deep soulful connection