The 12 days of confidence mini series 

Is it time you stepped into your most confident self as a woman?

Perhaps right now you find yourself dimming your light to fit into...

  • Society

  • Parents

  • Friends

  • Partners

  • Everyone but you!

I invite you to Join the 12 Days of Confidence to unleash your inner goddess and tap into just how delicious it feels to be your most confident self.


The 12 Days of Confidence is for you if you want to:

  • Connect with what confidence means to you (hint: it’s different for everyone!)

  • Explore how you can connect to and turn on your confidence

  • Stop denying yourself the pleasure of stepping into your truth 

  • Release judgement of yourself and of others

  • Dive into building your confidence a day at a time

  • Find your magic light and switch her back on 

  • Turn up and take your confidence to the next level!!!


You being here right now means that you are ready to become the confident woman you want and deserve to be. 

We start on the 1st December. Are you ready?

When you join the 12 Days of Confidence you will receive:

  • Inspiring daily videos on Instagram

  • Exclusive juicy insights (via email) taking each day’s content to a whole new level straight to your inbox everyday

  • A chance to win a complimentary one hour coaching call with me - usually priced at £90!

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