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Christmas Vibes

Your guide to your own very vegan Christmas! 


Tis The Season To Be Vegan

Christmas E-Book

If you want to have a vegan Christmas of all Christmasses then this is the guide for you! Inside you’ll find…

🤓 Planning vegan Christmas to a T!

👍 My 7 Top tips for Christmas Day

📝 6 recipes that have you covered from breakfast till lunch!

🎁 Gift Guide including home made gift recipes! Gifts you can buy AND sustainable brands to choose this season!

🛒 A shopping list to write everything down and get your vegan Christmas started!

✅ And your very own checklist that you can check twice

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Tis The Season To Be Vegan E-book is for you if....

🎄 You want have your first vegan Christmas but don't know where to begin!

🎄 You want to juzhhh up your current vegan Christmas so that it's UN-FOR-GETTABLE!

🎄 You want a Christmas with both exciting, nourishing food AND sustainably made vegan friendly gifts for everyone!

🎄 You want to know all the tricks and tips to hosting a successful vegan Christmas this year!

Well hello there!



I'm Elaine, creator of this E-Book and Vegan Lifestyle Coach.

With my 4th Vegan Christmas just around the corner I wanted to share everything I've learned over the past few years so that you too can host an epic vegan celebration this year!

If you're ready for your first ever vegan Christmas or to maybe give your current one a little juzhhh I'm spilling ALL the kidney beans in this E-Book and I can't wait for you to dive in!!

Believe in the magic of vegan Christmas ....

✨ Whether you want to go vegan but haven't taken the first steps yet ...

✨ You've been struggling to go vegan by yourself for a while and still feel like you don't know where to begin or how to make the lifestyle changes you want .....

✨ Or you're doing your best but don't have the support from your friends and family so it feels mega hard right now ...

Well, this Christmas just got a WHOLE lot easier AND magical for you with the Tis The Season To Be Vegan E-Book!

Vaganism has seen HUGE change over the past few years and it's now easier than ever to make the lifestyle changes you want and make them your reality. Starting with vegan Christmas!

Tis The Season To Be Vegan walks you through everything you need to know to set you up for success and have a magical vegan Christmas this year and for years to come!

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